Case Study

As the years have gone by, we have acquired an acute knowledge of what works in packaging. Below is an example of what we have done for one of our customers.



Customer wanted to bring to market a travel tin set of candles. This Tin Set was to be packaged in a set of three candles inside a clear PVC stock container. The labels were designed 4 Color Process and would include 3 circle labels and one wrap label per set.


  • Color matching
  • Plate Cost
  • Inventory Control


CGA Packaging designed a label that would be run on a 10″ flexo press. The label would be run U.V. 4 Color┬áProcess + one with a UV Varnish. The label would be die cut with a multilayer die that also would sheet the set at the end of the press. The finished product would be sheeted. Each sheet would contain 3 Circle labels and 1 Wrap label. The end result:

Perfect Color Match – Both Size Labels Printed In line on same web.
Reduced the set up costs by 50%.Each Set Label contained all the parts for easy application.
One Inventory Item – Reduced Cost!
Let CGA Packaging solve your tough print needs!





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